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Travis Sayward, RN, LMT
(518) 572-8683






Travis Sayward, LMT, RN, was born and raised locally in Willsboro, NY. He has been a licensed massage therapist for the last 10+ years. Pursuing his interest in understanding the human body, Travis furthered his knowledge by also becoming a Registered Nurse in 2010. He gained valuable experience while working at CVPH but decided he missed his true passion—massage. Travis’s interest in bodywork goes all the way back to his childhood. He grew up listening to stories about his great-grandfather, Clifford Robinson, who was one of the first practitioners of his kind in the Adirondacks. “My grandmother would always tell me how chiropractors today treat their patients much differently than her father had. She compared many of today’s practices to that of the fast food industry. Clients are in and out in less than five minutes. She boasted that the work of my great-grandfather lasted an hour as he treated the whole person while integrating therapeutic massage into his chiropractic work. In the way my grandmother spoke of him and his practice, he became legendary to me growing up. My interest in learning the musculoskeletal system and passion for bodywork was handed down to me through these inspirational anecdotes.” Travis specializes in therapeutic bodywork and deep tissue massage. He has a real passion for his profession and views his therapeutic work as an art. He is excited to be bringing his skills to NEW Health and looking forward to growing personally and professionally as a NEW member of the team.

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